Adding Exchange ActiveSync Profiles

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To add an Exchange ActiveSync profile

  1. Log in to the SecureAnywhere website.
  2. Click the Mobile Protection tab. The Mobile Protection console displays with the Status tab active.
  3. Click the Policies tab. The Policies tab displays. 
  4. Double-click the policy to which you want to add an ActiveSync profile. The Policy Details window displays with the General tab active.
  5. Click the Communication tab. The Communication tab displays. 
  6. In the Category column, select Exchange ActiveSync and click the + (plus) button.
  7. Complete the fields, using the information in the following table:

    Account Name

    Name for the Exchange ActiveSync account. Free-form text field, required.

    Exchange ActiveSync Host

    Microsoft Exchange Server. Free-form text field, required.

    Use SSL

    Send all communication through secure socket layer. Yes or No.

    Allow Move

    Allow user to move messages from this account. Yes or No.

    Allow Recent Address Syncing

    Include this account inrecent address syncing. Yes or No.

    Use Only in Mail

    Send outgoing mail from this account only from Mail app. Yes or No.
    Use S/MIME Send outgoing mail using S/MIME encryption. Yes or no.
    Signing certificate Credentials for signing MIME data. If S/MIME is yes, lists the detected certificates.
    Encryption certificate Credentials for encrypting MIME data. If S/MIME is yes, lists the detected certificates.
    User User for the account, including domain. Free-form text field, required.
    Email Address The address of the account. Free-form text field, required.
     Password The password for the account. Free-form text field, required.
    Identity Certificate Credentials for connection to ActiveSync. Lists detected credentials. Required.
    Past Days of Mail to Sync


    • Unlimited - This is the default.
    • One day
    • Three days
    • One week
    • Two weeks
    • One month
  8. Click the Save Changes button.
  9. When you are finished and ready to go live with this policy, click Promote Draft to Live.