Adding Policies

Hello. You have arrived at an outdated topic. Please click this link to be redirected to the updated Endpoint Protection Admin Guide.

To add a new policy:

  1. Log into the SecureAnywhere website.
  2. Click the Mobile Protection tab. The Mobile Protection console displays with the Status tab active. 
  3. Click the Policies tab. The Policies tab displays. 
  4. Click the Add a policy icon. The Policy Details window displays with the General tab active.
  5. In the Policy name field, enter a name for the policy.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description for the policy. 
  7. From the Operatying system drop-down field, select one of the following: 
    • Android
    • iOS
  8. The contents of the Protection and Communication tabs differ depending on the operating environment. The default layout is Android.
    For more information about policy options and tab-specific instructions, see Android Policy Options and IOS Policy Options.
  9. As you define your policy, you can save it in draft form by clicking the Save Changes button.
  10. When you are finished defining the entire policy, click Promote Draft to Live.
  11. Once you have created the policy, follow the Adding Groups proceedure to assign the policy to a group.