Viewing Group Details

Hello. You have arrived at an outdated topic. Please click this link to be redirected to the updated Endpoint Protection Admin Guide.

To view group details:

  1. Log in to the SecureAnywhere website.
  2. Click the Mobile Protection tab. The Mobile Protection console displays with the Status tab active.
  3. Click the Users & Groups tab. The The Group panel displays the group name and number of members.
  4. Select a group name.
    • The Users panel displays users that belong to that group.
    • The Policies panel displays policies associated with that group.
  5. To display additional details about each group record, double-click on the group name.
    The Group Details window displays.
  6. You can do any of the following:
    • Change the Group's name.
    • Change the Group's description.
    • Select a new policy for Android or iOS.
    For more information, see Adding Groups.