Sending Lost Device Protection Commands to Android Devices

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You can send Android devices a variety of Lost Device Protection commands. These commands allow you to locate a missing phone, activate a Scream alarm to scare a thief, lock or unlock the device, or send a Wipe command to permanently remove data.

For instructions on using Lost Device Protection with iOS devices, see Sending Apple (iOS) devices Lost Device Protection commands.

To issue Lost Device Protection commands to an Android device:

  1. Log in to the SecureAnywhere website.
  2. Click Mobile Protection tab. The Mobile Protection console displays with the Status tab active.
  3. Click the Devices tab. The Devices tab displays.
  4. Double-click on the Android device for which you want to issue Lost Device Protection commands.
  5. Click the Lost Device Protection tab.
    The Lost Device Protection tab displays the available commands under Device Recovery Actions.
    Locate This Device

    This device responds with a link to a Google Maps page showing the current location.

    If the device happens to be turned off and cannot receive the command, then it will detect the pending command next time it checks in with the console.  The device is set to check for pending commands every 30 minutes.

    Note: For the Locate command to work, the device must have either a GPS, Wi-Fi, or a telephony connection. Also, if the device does not support SMS or if Webroot does not support your carrier, then the you must log into the Android Marketplace.
    Scream Locks the device, the same as the Lock command described below, and then blasts a loud screaming noise from the phone to help locate it or scare a thief. The noise will continue for up to two minutes or until the device is unlocked with the account password.
    Wipe Immediately locks the device, the same as the Lock command described below, then performs a factory reset to remove everything, including personal data, apps, and the account.
    Before wiping Android device data, SecureAnywhere turns off the Auto-sync function. This means it won't delete anything previously uploaded to Gmail servers, such as contacts or calendar entries.
    Note: Do not use this command unless you are absolutely sure that the device is permanently lost and you want to completely wipe it!
    Lock Remotely locks the device and prevents its unauthorized use. Once the device is locked, the user must enter the account password to unlock it. Unlock Allows you to unlock the device using the password.
    Unlock  Remotely unlocks the device. 
    Lock with Message Locks your phone, same as the Lock command, described above, and displays a text message on its panel. When you use this command, you might want to enter instructions for returning the phone, such as If found, call 555-5555.