Using SecureWeb

Hello. You have arrived at an outdated topic. Please click this link to be redirected to the updated Mobile SecureWeb for Android User Guide.

SecureWeb allows you to safely surf the Internet by blocking malicious websites from loading before you access them.

To use SecureWeb:

  1. From the Home panel, tap the SecureWeb icon. A Webroot browser opens with secure browsing enabled.
  2. Use this browser to open websites and receive automatic protection from malware and phishing attempts. If you try to open a website that is known for spreading malware or for phishing, an alert panel gives you the following options:
    • Continue to site - Ignore the alert and proceed to the site.
    • Block this site - Do not open the site. We recommend that you do not access sites that are categorized as potentially malicious.
    • Never block this site - Continue to the site and not be prompted again.