Using Password Management

Hello. You have arrived at an outdated topic. Please click this link to be redirected to the updated Mobile SecureWeb for Android User Guide.

SecureWeb allows you to view and launch password-managed sites, automatically populate your personal data in website forms, and use the auto-fill function to populate your credentials into a login page.

Note: To use password management on your Android device, you must first define password-managed sites. For more information, log in to your Webroot SecureAnywhere account at

To use password management:

  1. From your device's Home panel, tap the SecureWeb icon. Webroot browser opens with Secure Browsing enabled.
  2. Use the browser to open a password-managed website.
  3. Tap the Menu button on your Android device. The following options display:
    • AutoFill - Allows you to populate your login credentials on a site that is not pre-set for auto-fill.
      • When you tap AutoFill, the name of your password-managed site displays.
      • Tap the site name to populate the fields with your login credentials.
      • If you defined two different logins for a website, for example, you and your spouse share a banking site, but use different logins for your separate checking accounts, tap AutoFill to display the different site definitions, then tap the desired site name to log in.
    • Fill Forms - Displays your predefined form-fill profiles. Tap Fill Forms, then select a form-fill profile to populate your personal data into the website fields.
    • Vault - Shows all your password-managed sites.
      • To access one of the sites, tap the site name from the Vault. You will be automatically logged in if you specified auto-login for that site.
      • You can view your login credentials for that site by pressing and holding the site name until View Site Details appears.
      • Tap View Site Details to see a panel that shows your login credentials and other information about the site definition.
    • More - Displays Refresh Sites and Help. If you made recent changes to your password-managed sites from your PC, tap Refresh Sites to download the changes to your mobile device.