Responding to Alerts

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If SecureAnywhere Mobile detects a potential threat, it opens a red or yellow alert message.

The message appears on your device and in the SecureAnywhere website:

  • A red exclamation appears for any threats that may pose a serious security risk or if your subscription has expired.
  • A yellow exclamation appears for other items that are not serious, but may require your attention.
You can only fix an issue from your device app.
Note: WSA Internet Security Plus includes all features except Backup and Sync. For a comparison of products, see our product comparison for consumer products.

To respond to an alert:

  1. Open the SecureAnywhere Mobile app.  The main panel provides more information about the issue and provides options for fixing it.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If a Fix button displays, tap the button to resolve the issue.
    • If a threat was detected, SecureAnywhere Mobile gives you the option of removing it or ignoring it:
      • Remove - Your safest action is to remove the item. SecureAnywhere Mobile moves it to quarantine where it can no longer run on your device. You can restore it from quarantine later, if you decide that you need it. For more information, see Managing Quarantine.
      • Ignore - If you know the item is harmless, you can ignore it so SecureAnywhere Mobile will no longer detect the item during scans. For more information, see Managing Ignored Threats.