Managing Quarantine

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When you remove detected items, SecureAnywhere Mobile moves the files to quarantine, an area where files are rendered inoperable and can no longer run on your device. If you removed a detected item that you later decide you need, you can restore it to its original location. You can also permanently delete items from quarantine to conserve space on your device.

Note: WSA Internet Security Plus includes all features except Backup and Sync. For a comparison of products, see our product comparison for consumer products.

This topic contains the following procedures:

  • Viewing quarantined items
  • Restoring or deleting quarantined items

To view quarantined items:

  1. From the main SecureAnywhere Mobile panel, tap Security at the bottom.
  2. Tap Antivirus.
  3. Tap Quarantine at the bottom. The Quarantine panel shows the threat names and locations where they were found.

To restore or permanently delete quarantined items:

  1. Tap the item name. Another panel opens that gives you details about the item and options for restoring or deleting it. If your phone is set to disallow installation of applications from Unknown Sources, SecureAnywhere Mobile cannot restore the item until you disable the Unknown Sources setting. In this case, a message box provides instructions for restoring the application.
  2. To delete multiple items, select the Menu button of your mobile device and tap Clear Quarantine.
    Note: Due to restrictions AT&T has placed on their Android phones, we cannot restore quarantined applications on AT&T phones. In this case, you must redownload the application from the Android Market.