Using Lost Device Protection

Hello. You have arrived at an outdated topic. Please click this link to be redirected to the updated Mobile Security for Android User Guide.

For GSM-standard phones, the Premier/Complete versions of SecureAnywhere Mobile offers an additional feature that locks the phone if someone removes the SIM card. Your phone can only be unlocked with your password.

To disable the SIM Card Lock feature, go to Identity & Privacy from the main panel, and tap Lost Device Protection to see the SIM Card setting.

Note: WSA Internet Security Plus includes all features except Backup and Sync. For a comparison of products, see our product comparison for consumer products.

To use Lost Device Protection:

  1. Make sure Lost Device Protection is enabled. To enable it from your device, tap Identity & Privacy, then tap Lost Device Protection. In the Lost Device Protection panel, the Device Protection setting displays an ON button.
  2. If the button displays OFF, tap the button.
  3. Another panel appears that instructs you to activate device administration. By activating administration, you are enabling enhanced Wipe command capabilities. If you initiate a Wipe, SecureAnywhere Mobile will perform a factory reset. Tap Activate in this panel.
  4. Enter your Webroot account password.
    Note: If you can't remember your password, tap Forgot Password in the password dialog to receive a new password. This dialog opens for all Lost Device Protection functions
  5. Once you activate Lost Device Protection, you can use the Lost Device commands from the SecureAnywhere website.
    Go to and log in using your email address and Webroot password. For your device, click the tab for Lost Device Protection. Select one of the commands in the panel. 
    When you locate your phone, it displays a dialog with an option for unlocking your device using your password.
    • When you send a lock command from the portal, you will be asked to set a one-time-use PIN to unlock the device. On the device, instead of entering the uber password, you will now enter the one-time PIN.
    • When a lock command is sent, the PIN that goes with it will be logged in the portal. If the you forget the PIN that was sent, you can look in the device history to see the PIN.
    • If you send a second lock command before unlocking the phone, the most recent PIN is the one you should enter to unlock it.
    Note: If the lock command is being sent to an older version of this app, prior to, you will not be asked for a PIN when you send the lock command; the app will work as it always has
  6. To view a list of commands sent, go to the Lost Device Protection panel in the SecureAnywhere Mobile app, then tap Command Log.