About Lost Device Protection

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Lost device protection helps you locate a missing phone or tablet, and lock it down, if necessary. You can use another mobile device or the SecureAnywhere website to send the missing device one of these commands:


  • Remotely locks the device and prevents its unauthorized use.
  • Once the device is locked, you must use your account password to unlock it.


  • Immediately locks the device, then performs a factory reset to remove everything on your phone, including your personal data, your apps, and your account.
  • Do not use this command unless you are absolutely sure that your device is permanently lost and you want to completely wipe it.
  • Before wiping data, SecureAnywhere Mobile turns off the Auto-sync function so it won't delete anything you've previously uploaded to the Gmail servers, such as contacts or calendar entries.
  • Available for the Premier/Complete version only.


  • Locks your phone, the same as the Lock command, described above, then responds with a link to a Google Maps page showing your phone's current location.
  • For the Locate command to work, the device must have either a GPS, Wi-Fi, or a telephony connection.
  • If your device does not support SMS or if Webroot does not support your carrier, then you must have logged into the Android Marketplace.


  • Locks your phone, the same as the Lock command, described above, and then blasts a loud screaming noise from your phone to help you locate the device or scare a thief.
  • The noise will continue for up to two minutes or until you unlock the device with your password.

Customize Lock Screen

  • Locks your phone, the same as the Lock command, described above, and displays a text message on its panel.
  • When you use this command, you might want to enter instructions for returning the phone, such as If found, call 555-5555.
  • Available from the SecureAnywhere website only.