Importing Policies Manually

Use this procedure when an administrator wants to import a policy from a site they do not have access to, then only manual import is available.

This procedure useful for administrators’ who may have multiple accounts under different email addresses, or who may simply wish to email their transfer code to a friend for them to import into their own site.

To import a policy manually:

  1. From the Site console, click the Global Settings tab.

    The system displays the Global Settings panel, with the Policies panel active. The Policies panel displays a list of all policies across all sites to which the logged on account has access.

  2. In the Policy area, select the policy you want to import from the list.

  3. Click the Export button.

    The system displays the Export Policy window.

  4. In the Your Transfer Code field is the transfer code that you need. Copy the transfer code.

  5. Click the Close button to close the Export Policy window and display the Polices panel.

  6. Click the Import button.

    The system displays the Import Policy window.

  7. In the Import Type area, select the Manual radio button.

  8. In the In the Transfer Code field, paste the transfer code you copied earlier.

  9. In the New Policy Name field, enter a name for the imported policy. This step is optional.

  10. In the New Policy Description field, enter a description for the imported policy. This step is optional.

  11. When you're done, click Import.

    The system transfers the policy into your current console.