Managing Web Threats

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When you are surfing the web and Webroot alerts you to the suspicious nature of a website, for example a phishing attack, a key logger attack, or a malicious attack, follow this procedure to manage the threat.

To manage a web threat:

  1. If when you are surfing the web, and Webroot displays a message similar to the following, stop and review the threat.

  2. After you review information on the page, such as the URL or the type of threat that has been detected, click one of the following buttons:
    • Go back to safety — Click this button when you don't know the website, and do not want to expose your computer to malicous links or payloads.
      When you click this button, the system navigates you away from the currently blocked content to a blank page to keep you safe.
    • Request Review — Click this button when you know the website, are comfortable with the contents, but believe the classification provided by Webroot of this URL needs to be changed to make sure the warning message does not display in future.  
      When you click this button, the page expands to display a field where you can enter information about the site. Enter any comments, your email, and enter your email address, if you would like to receive follow-up regarding your request. For more information about the categorization of the website you would like to have changed, see URL Categorization Change Request.
      When you're done, click the Submit button. Change requests are usually processed in 48-72 hours. If, after this period, you do not see the change you requested, you can open a ticket with Webroot Support.
      Note: To close the Request Review area, click the Request Review button again.
    • Unblock page and continue — Click this button when you know the website, are comfortable with the contents, and want to visit the site. When you select this option, Webroot bypasses this URL, and will not block it again.