Viewing Your Browsing History

Hello. You have arrived at an outdated topic. Please click this link to be redirected to the updated Mobile SecureWeb for iOS User Guide.

There are two ways that you can view your browsing history:

To view browsing history through SecureWeb:

  1. While logged in to SecureWeb, tap the Webroot button.

    The SecureWeb menu displays.

  2. Tap History.

    The History list with your most recently visited websites, displays.

  3. Review as needed.
  4. To clear the list, tap Clear.

    The Clear menu displays.

  5. Tap any of the following as needed:
    • Clear History — Deletes your browsing history.
    • Clear Cache — Deletes your cache memory.
    • Clear Cookies — Deletes cookies. For more information, see All About Cookies.
    • Clear All — Deletes browsing history, cache memory, and cookies.
    • Cancel — Closes the Clear menu.

To view browsing history using Forward and Back arrows:

    1. While logged into SecureWeb, and after having visited several websites, press and hold either the Forward arrow or the Back arrow.

      • The Back arrow displays a list of websites that you have recently visited within a single tab.

      • The Forward arrow displays the website that you were just viewing.