Filtering Support Tickets

If you have access to more than one site, you can filter the list of displayed tickets to a specific site.

Note: The list only displays tickets that are associated with site selected in the filter and this will default to the site or GSM used to access the ticket management console.

To filter support tickets:

  1. From within either the Endpoint or GSM console, click the Support tab.

    The Support console displays with the Open Tickets pane active:
    • The Open Tickets pane displays all tickets that are open.
    • The Closed Tickets pane displays tickets that have been closed either by the user or by a support agent. If needed, click the Closed Tickets tab.

  2. From the Open Tickets drop-down menu, select either All Sites or the name of the site you want to filter.

    The system filters the list of tickets, with the following information:
    • Ticket — The uniquely identifying number associated with this ticket
    • Subject — The subject entered when the ticket was created
    • Last Response — The time of the last response on this ticket.
    • Date Created — The date and time of ticket creation
    • Created By — The name of the user who raised the ticket
    • Site — The site this ticket was raised against (only applicable if you have access to >1 site)
    • Visibility:
      Public — Visible to all users who have access to this site.
      Private — Not visible to other users who have access to this site.
    • Action:
      Edit — Edit the ticket. You may also click on the ticket number or subject.
      Close — Mark the ticket as closed.
      Reopen — Reopen a closed ticket.