Creating Support Tickets Using Email

You can create and reply to tickets using an email address associated with the console you are using.

To create a ticket using email:

  1. In your email system, create an email and address it to
  2. Include a subject for the email. If you don't, the first 50 characters of the email body will be included as the subject.
  3. Include text in the email. If you don't, the ticket will not enter the system.
  4. Please note the following:
    • Tickets that are created or replied to in a language other than English will be translated.
    • Not all email clients are supported for this functionality and some clients may include the full content of the email for each response.
    When you create a ticket using email, the system does the following:
    • Tickets with new responses are highlighted in the ticket management console and the New icon appears displays to them along with an Last Response date.
    • When a ticked is created, edited, replied to, closed, or reopened, whether by you or customer support, the system sends you an email to the email address associated with the console you are using.
    Note: When a ticket is raised on behalf of a customer by a Webroot Customer Support Agent or raised via email, it will not have a site set to which the ticket relates and you will be required to add one. For more information, see Assigning Support Tickets.