Replying to Support Tickets

When you create a new support ticket, or a support ticket is created by a Webroot Support Agent on your behalf, you will receive a new email confirming the action.

To reply to a support ticket:

  1. In the email, click reply and type a reply above the line indicated.
    The system records your response against the ticket and be visible in the ticket management console both to you and to the support agent.
    • When replying in line to a ticket via email, the prior conversation items present in the email will not be attached to the ticket.
    • Only the most immediate response added above the line will be included each time a response is added.
    Note: When a ticket is raised on behalf of a customer by a Webroot Customer Support Agent or raised via email, it will not have a site set to which the ticket relates and you will be required to add one. For more information, see Assigning Support Tickets.