Managing Quarantined Items

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As SecureAnywhere scans and shields your Mac, it removes all items associated with threats. It then disables their operation and moves them to a holding area, called quarantine. While in quarantine, threats can no longer harm your Mac or steal your information. You do not need to delete them, unless you want to conserve disk space.

Note: Your safest action is to keep items in quarantine until you determine that all programs still work properly after the scan. If you discover that some legitimate programs cannot function after an item was moved to quarantine, you can restore the item to its original location.

To manage quarantined items:

  1. From the dock, click the Webroot icon.

    The main interface displays.

  2. Click the Mac Security gear icon. 

  3. In the Mac Security window, click the Quarantine tab.

  4. On the bottom right, you will see the Delete Permanently and Restore buttons.

  5. To delete or restore files:
    • To remove an item permanently, select the checkbox next to its pathname and click the Delete Permanently button.
      Keep in mind that permanently deleted files can never be restored.
    • To move the item back to its original location, select the checkbox next to its pathname and click the Restore button.
      When an item is restored, SecureAnywhere will no longer detect it during scans. If you want the item to be detected again in the future, you can change its detection rules. For more information, see Managing File Detection.