Submitting Scan Logs

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If a file on your system is causing problems or if you know a file is safe and want it reclassified, you can send the file to Webroot for analysis.

To submit a scan log:

  1. From the dock, click the Webroot icon.

    The main interface displays.

  2. Click the Utilities gear icon.

    The Utilities panel displays with the System Control tab active.

  3. Click the Reports tab.

    The system displays the Reports panel.

  4. Click the Submit a File button.

    A web page displays where you can send a file to Webroot for analysis.

  5. Use the Browse button to select the file that you want Webroot to analyze.
  6. Enter in a reason for sending this file to Webroot.
  7. Enter the CAPTCHA characters in the next line.
  8. When you're done, click the Submit File button.