Managing Identity Protection

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Identity Protection protects you from identity theft and financial loss. It ensures that your sensitive data is protected, while safe-guarding you from keyloggers, screen-grabbers, phishing schemes, and other information-stealing techniques.

Follow this procedure to do either of the following:

  • View Identity Protection Status
  • Disable Identity Protection

To manage identity protection:

  1. From the system tray, double-click the Webroot gear icon.

    The main interface displays.


  2. Click the Identity Protection gear.

    The Online Protection pane displays.

    Identity Protection consists of two shields:
    • Identity shield
    • Phishing shield.
    The green buttons indicate the shields are on. We recommend that you keep them enabled; however, you can disable them by clicking the green button. You may be prompted to type characters into a CAPTCHA window to confirm you are a real user.