Managing Saved Sites

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You can access all your saved credentials and other Password Manager information from your account in the SecureAnywhere website. This site allows you to add, edit, and delete profiles.

To manage saved sites:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Go to Passwords button.

    The Passwords page looks similar to the following example. When you begin saving login credentials and organizing them in groups, the definitions appear under the Sites tab.

  3. The following table provides a description for each feature on the Passwords page.
    Sites Provides a list of password-managed sites. You can edit, open, or delete previously defined sites and the groups you created for them. See Capturing Login Credentials.
    Favorites Provides a list of sites you have designated as a favorite when you captured login credentials for the site. You can view, edit, and delete sites in your Favorites list.
    Form Fill profiles Provides a list of profiles you have defined to fill in forms. You can view, edit, and delete Form Fill profiles. For more information, see Using Form Fill Profiles. 
    Passwords Provides a list of generated passwords. You can view, edit, and delete generated passwords. For more information, see Generating Secure Passwords.
    MyIdentity actions > Add site Allows you to manually define login credentials for a password-managed site. For more information, see Capturing Login Credentials.
    MyIdentity actions > Add group Allows you to define a group for password-managed sites. Groups help you organize sites into categories for easier viewing.
    MyIdentity actions > Add a Form Fill profile Allows you to define a profile that will be used to fill in forms automatically. A profile includes such personal information as your name, address, and credit card numbers. This feature saves you from manually typing your personal data into web forms every time you make an online purchase, complete a survey, and so on. For more information, see Using Form Fill profiles.
    MyIdentity actions > Open all Favorites Allows you to open sites that you specified as Favorites. All the sites open at once in separate tabs of your web browser, which can be convenient if you use the Passwords page as your browser’s home page.
    MyIdentity actions > View deleted items Allows you to view and recover any groups or sites you previously deleted.
    MyIdentity actions > View history Displays a list of tasks you performed with the Password Manager. 
    MyIdentity actions > View Never list Allows you to suppress the toolbar prompts for specific websites. In the dialog, select the type of prompts to suppress and enter the websites where you do not want to see those prompts.
    MyIdentity actions > Install Bookmarklets Allows you to create Bookmarklets, which help you access data if you are traveling, have a mobile browser, or are using an unsupported browser. For more information, see Using Other Browsers.
    MyIdentity actions > Import data Allows you to import data from another password-management application. For more information, see Importing Passwords From Other Applications.
    MyIdentity actions > Export data

    Copies your user names and passwords into an Excel spreadsheet. For more information, see Exporting User Names and Passwords.

    Recently visited sites Shows a list of recently visited sites.