Logging In to Saved Sites

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After you define a site profile with login credentials, the Password Manager can automatically log in to the site from a web browser.

This topic describes how to do the following:

To log in to a site from a browser

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Webroot account. For more information, see Using the Password Manager Toolbar.
  2. You can log in to a site from the browser toolbar or by opening the website:
    • Toolbar — Click the Webroot icon in the toolbar. For Safari/Chrome, click on the site name to open the next panel, then click Launch. For Firefox, click Sites, then select a group and site name.

    • Website — In your browser, open the website you want to log in to. If you previously defined a profile for this website, the Password Manager remembers your login credentials and displays the Webroot icon at the end of the fields. The user name and password fields are automatically filled in, unless you selected Never AutoFill for this profile.

  3. If you defined more than one login for a single website, for example, if you and your partner have different login credentials for the same banking site, the Password Manager prompts you to select the desired profile. Click the AutoFill button in the Notifications bar to display the different profiles, and then select from one of the profiles to fill in the fields.

To log in to a site from the SecureAnywhere website:

  1. Log in to my.webrootanywhere.com and click Go to Passwords.

    The Passwords page looks similar to the following example. Your saved sites appear in the Sites tab and in the Favorites tab, if you made this site a favorite.

  2. To open a site, double-click on the site name from the Sites tab or Favorites tab. You can also select Open all Favorites from MyIdentity actions.