Generating Secure Passwords

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You can use the Password Manager to generate a strong, hack-resistant password for any website. A strong password is difficult to guess and helps protect you from identity theft. You don't need to remember these automatically generated passwords. When you access this web page again, the Password Manager automatically fills in the password field for you.

To use the password generator:

  1. Log in to your Webroot account. See Using the Password Manager Toolbar.
  2. After logging in, click the Webroot icon again.
    • For Safari/Chrome, click the Generate icon at the bottom.

    • For Firefox, select Generate Secure Password from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Generate Password dialog, do either of the following:
    • Look at the password displayed in the top field. If you are satisfied with that password, click Save.
    • Select from the options in the middle of the dialog and click Generate to display a new password in the top field. For more information about the options, see the table at the end of this section. You can keep clicking Generate until you are satisfied, and then click Save. You can also look back at the previously generated passwords by clicking the drop-down arrow.

    Password Length Determines the number of characters for your password.
    Pronounceable Creates a password with consonants and vowels that do not generate an actual word, but can be pronounced and remembered.
    A-Z ... a-z.... 0-9 ... Special Includes capitals, lower case, numbers and special characters, depending on the checkboxes you select.
    Minimum Digit Count Specifies the amount of numbers, at minimum, you want to include in the password. Select the Pronounceable checkbox to override this setting.
    Avoid Ambiguous Characters Does not include characters that might be confused with each other, such as a zero (0) and the letter O.
    Require Every Character Type Includes at least one of the following character types: upper case, lower case, special character, and a number. Select the Pronounceable checkbox to override this setting.
  4. Click Save. The system saves the new password and populates it into the web page's Password and Confirm Password fields.