Exporting User Names and Passwords

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You can use the Export feature to transfer all your Password Manager data into a CSV (comma separated values) file or to an encrypted file. The Export function is available from the SecureAnywhere website or from the browser toolbar.

This topic contains the following procedures:

To export data using the browser toolbar

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Webroot account. See Using the Password Manager Toolbar.
  2. Open the Password functions by clicking the Webroot icon in the toolbar.
  3. For Safari/Chrome, click the Advanced icon, then click Export. For Firefox, click Tools, then Export To.

  4. Select one of the export options:
    • Webroot CSV File — Saves your password profiles to a CSV file that can be loaded into Excel.
    • Form Fill Profiles — Saves your form fill profiles to a CSV file that can be loaded into Excel.
    • Webroot Encrypted File — Saves your profile data to an encrypted file for archival.

  5. In the prompt, enter your Webroot master password and click Sign In.
  6. Select a directory and enter a file name, then click Save.

To export data using the SecureAnywhere website

  1. Log in to my.webrootanywhere.com and click Go to Passwords.
  2. Under MyIdentity actions, click Export data.
  3. From the dialog, enter your SecureAnywhere master password and click OK.
    The Export Data dialog displays, similar to the following example. In this dialog, you can see all the information for your sites, passwords, and Form Fill profiles.

  4. Click Save to File or Send to Printer.
    • If you are saving a file, another dialog opens that allows you to select a file format.
    • If you are printing the data, your data is saved to an HTML page and another dialog opens where you can select a printer and click OK.