Creating Webroot Accounts

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By creating a Webroot account, you can access the Password Management and Backup & Sync features from the SecureAnywhere website at Password Management is available with the Complete and Internet Security Plus editions. Backup & Sync is only available with Complete editions.

Note: For more information about Password Management, see Getting Started with Password Manager. For more information about Backup & Sync, see Using Backup & Sync.

To create a Webroot account:

  1. In a browser, enter the following URL:
    The SecureAnywhere window displays.
  2. Click the Sign up now button.

  3. Complete the registration information.
    Be sure to use a personal security code that is easy to remember.
    When you log in to your account, SecureAnywhere prompts you for two random characters of this code. For example, if your code is 123456 and the system prompts you for the fourth and sixth character, you would enter 4 and 6. Your Personal Security Code is case sensitive.
  4. When you complete the registration information, click the Register Now button.
    SecureAnywhere sends a confirmation message to the email address you specified.
  5. Open your email and look for the confirmation message from Webroot. Click the link in the message.
    A Confirm Registration page opens. SecureAnywhere requests two randomly selected characters of the security code you specified when you created the account.
  6. Enter the requested characters of your security code, then click the Confirm Registration Now button.
    The SecureAnywhere Website opens. For more information about this website, see the SecureAnywhere Website User Guide.