Adding keycodes to your account

Hello. You have arrived at an outdated topic. Please click this link to be redirected to the updated Endpoint Protection Admin Guide.

You can have one or more keycodes in your Webroot account. A keycode is a 20-character license used to install SecureAnywhere on endpoints, which identifies how many seats you have available for installations. If you purchase more keycodes, you must add them manually as described in this section.

Note: To view existing keycodes and add new ones, you must have Admin permission for Endpoint Protection (see Setting permissions for portal users).

To purchase and add keycodes:

  1. Open the Endpoint Protection menu by clicking the arrow next to your login ID, then click Manage Keycodes.

    The Manage Keycodes panel opens.

    Note: If your account has multiple consoles, you see only the keycodes that are associated with the currently active console.

    The Keycode list shows the attributes associated with each Endpoint Protection license.

    Manage Keycodes panel
    Keycode The 20-character license you received when you purchased Endpoint Protection.
    Edition Endpoint Protection, or another Webroot product you purchased.
    Devices Number of endpoints that can use this keycode.
    Days Remaining Number of days remaining for this keycode to be active, and the expiration date.
    Renew A link for renewing your subscription. See Renewing or upgrading your account.
    Upgrade A link for purchasing more endpoint seats for this license. See Renewing or upgrading your account.
  2. If you need to purchase another keycode, click Buy a Keycode now at the top of the list.
    The Webroot Business website opens. From here, you can buy another keycode.
  3. After you purchase the keycode, you can add it to Endpoint Protection by clicking Add Product Keycode.

  4. In the Add a Keycode dialog, enter the keycode you just purchased and click Add.
    Your new keycode will appear in the Manage Keycodes panel and in the Resources tab.