Deleting policies

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You can delete all policies except for the original default policies. When you delete a policy, Endpoint Protection removes it from the list of active policies and moves it to a Deleted Policies list, so it is still accessible to the report logs.

Note: Be aware that if you delete a policy, you cannot re-use the same policy name again. Also, you cannot restore a deleted policy, but you can copy and rename it.

To delete a policy:

  1. Click the Policies tab.
  2. From the Policy Name column, select the desired policy and click Delete from the command bar.

    After you confirm the deletion, you are prompted to move any endpoints from the deleted policy to another.
  3. Open the drop-down list in the Move any endpoints dialog and select a new policy for the endpoints.
  4. Click Save to remove the policy from the list.
    Note: Deleted policies are moved to a Deleted Policies list. To view them, select the Show Deleted Policies checkbox on the Policies tab to display them in the list. The Deleted policies are shown in gray: