Implementing alerts

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You can customize alert messages and send them to a distribution list whenever the following types of events occur:

  • Endpoints reporting an infection
  • New SecureAnywhere installations on endpoints

For both of these event types, you can customize the alerting method so administrators receive a message as soon as the event occurs or on a schedule, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Using a setup wizard in the Alerts tab, you can customize the subject heading and body of the messages. You can also use variables to add information for the endpoints triggering the alerts, affected groups, and other specifics about the event.

Note: To customize alerts, you must have access permissions for Alerts: Create & Edit. To change access permissions, see Setting permissions for portal users.

To implement an alert:

  1. Create a distribution list based on email addresses. List members do not need to be defined in the Manage Users panel of the Management Portal. For more information, see Creating a distribution list.
  2. Create alert messages that are sent to the distribution list whenever endpoints report an infection or SecureAnywhere is installed on an endpoint. See Creating customized alerts.
    All your customized alerts will appear in the Alerts tab.