Using the Workgroup tab in Views

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When you install SecureAnywhere on endpoints, the agent runs an initial scan to report the endpoint status and gather information to identify it in the Management Portal. Once these endpoints report back to the Management Console, you can then view the data collected by the agent in the Views tab under Group Management.

To view the Workgroup lists in the Management Portal:

  1. Click on the Group Management tab.
  2. In the panel on the left, click on the Views tab and then the Workgroup tab.

  3. From here you can view your endpoints by their Workgroup. For descriptions of the data in the columns, see Sorting data in tables and reports.
    Note: The endpoints listed here cannot be moved as the organization is based on the data collected by the agent on its last scan. This information will change if the data is different on any subsequent scan.
  4. You can also send commands and change the polices to the endpoints listed. You can only send these changes by individual endpoint or page, not by the entire view.
    Tip: You can select all endpoints on the page within the selected view by clicking the Hostname checkbox at the top of the list (first column).

You cannot send commands or change the assigned policy to Groups from here. You will need to go the Groups tab instead. See Issuing Commands or Applying Policies to Groups.