Downloading Backup & Sync

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To begin using Backup & Sync, you must download its component to your computer.

To download the component:

  1. If you have not yet created a Webroot account, see Creating a Webroot account.

  2. Open SecureAnywhere (see Using the SecureAnywhere interface).

  3. Click the Backup & Sync tab, then click the Log in button.

  4. If prompted, enter your Webroot account credentials (user name and password). When the download completes, the Backup & Sync panel looks like the example below.

    By default, once logged in the Backup and Sync setting is turned on.

    For more information on syncronizing folders across devices, see Synchronizing files. Only the Anywhere folder, which is created on install of the Backup and Sync component is set to Sync by default.

    To configure which files you would like to backup, see Backing up files. No files are selected to be backed up by default.