Synchronizing Folders Between Computers

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If you installed SecureAnywhere on multiple computers, you can create shared, synchronized folders between them. Whenever you update data in one of these shared folders (adding, editing, moving, or deleting files), SecureAnywhere automatically makes the same changes in your online account and to all shared folders. This automatic synchronization can be beneficial when you frequently use multiple computers and need access to the most recent files.

Note: Be aware that when you make changes to a folder on one computer, the changes are propagated across the shared folders on all computers. For example, if you delete a shared folder, it is removed from all the devices. However, you can still access a deleted folder or file from the Recycle Bin in your SecureAnywhere account.

To sync folders on two different computers:

  1. Configure a sync folder on the first computer. See Adding sync folders.
  2. On the second computer, open the Backup & Sync Settings panel. Click the Backup & Sync tab, make sure Backup & Sync is enabled, then click the gear link.

  3. Click  Folders on the top.
  4. Click Link to an existing Cloud Folder.

  5. In the next panel, select the folder to sync with from the list provided. Then click Browse at the bottom to select where to have the sync folder saved on this computer. Click Save.

    SecureAnywhere synchronizes all files in that folder with your other computer. In the Backup & Sync Settings panel, the Shared Across column shows the computers sharing that folder.