Viewing Additional Site Information

You can view additional site information such as admin names, billing cycles, and any comments related to a particular site.

To view additional site information:

  1. From the Sites console, click the More Info button.

    The system displays additional information about each site. 


    On the left side of the panel, the system displays a brief summary of that site's status:
    • Red numbers indicate that the site has infected endpoints.
    • Amber numbers indicate that the site requires attention.


    On the right side of the panel, the following information displays:
    • Super Admins – Displays the GSM admins who are responsible for managing the GSM console.
    • Site Admins – Displays the GSM admins who are responsible for managing each site.
    • Comments – Displays an editable comments field.
    • Billing – Displays the billing cycle.
    • Default Policy – Displays the default policies applied to each site. Use the drop-down menu to change the default policy.
    • Trial Status – Displays the number of days remaining for any trial sites created.
    • Suspend Protection – Allows admins to suspend protection for a site without uninstall the software from all endpoints, and then resume protection for endpoints as needed.
    • Deactivate – Click the button to deactivate the site, which expires the site keycode and uninstalls Webroot SecureAnywhere from all endpoints.