Global Site Manager Console Overview

The Global Site Manager (GSM) console allows you to more easily manage multiple sites, groups, and location deployments. Sites that require immediate information are listed at the top of the panel.

The following tabs can be accessed from the main console:

  • Dashboard — Displays various charts that give you a visual interpretation of your endpoints. From here you can add, edit, and drill down into charts, as well as delete them.
  • Sites — Displays a list of all of your sites, with information about number of seats, settings, etc. You can click the More info drop-down menu to display more information about your sites.
  • Admins — Displays a list of admins, and you can drill down to access information about their permission levels for various sites.
  • Global Settings — Displays information about your global settings, what overrides you have in place, and any alerts you might have set.
  • Reports — Allows you to run reports on the health and performance of sites.
  • Account Settings — Displays information about your account, including parent keycode number and account type.
  • Support — Displays a page where you can submit a ticket for support and assistance.